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Our 2013 Newsletter

We have had an incredible impact this year!!!
And done amazing and exciting things with our Community Organizingand Social Justice Education programs (and more)!  We’ll give you some of the highlights, but we’d love to share more stories than fit here – look out for our call for volunteers near the end and please support our work by donating to us today!





The cry rang out across the Statehouse floor, as 250 teens and adult allies rallied for more Progressive Revenue here in Massachusetts this past March.  Our Sub/Urban Justice Programtook lead in the powerful YMORE Coalition, gathering more than 30 youth groups together from across the state to bring our stories to our legislators.  Teen leaders Noli Rosen and Pema Doma were co-chairs, and Governor Patrick spoke in support.  We met with a dozen of our legislators that day, and many more before and after.  Our central theme – Tied Together – highlights the connections between our suburban, rural and urban communities. Teens in your communities spoke up, sharing how they were tired of being pitted against each other. They made a compelling case that those who have more should give more, and those who have less should have access to increased opportunities. Watch an amazing (short) video of this action HERE.


As the campaign for progressive revenue slowed down, our teen leaders began running short research actions on 8 different campaigns, exploring our possibilities for how to take action in 2014.  Here are some examples:

  • Partnering with Boston Student Advisory Council to push for more effective student evaluations of teachers.  Student evaluations will become a mandatory part of teacher evaluations statewide in 2014.
  • Joining with The Hyams Foundation for Progress Under Revenue, a youth-led convening, June
  • Holding a School-to-Prison Pipeline listening action with the YOUNG coalition,September
  • Collecting 750 signatures to support the state-wide Minimum Wage campaign with theRaise Up Massachusetts Coalition (See picture from our October action below
  • Celebrating a significant win for environmental justice in Brookline – with a Sub/Urban Justice teen leader on the town task force, anti-idling campaign and a commitment that vehicles will be retro-fitted to decrease diesel emissions by 2018; and then…
  • Harnessing our win in Brookline by joining with REEP, YOUNG and the Youth Jobs Coalition to get a commitment to reducing diesel emissions from Mayor-elect Marty Walsh (October)

Our organizing work was so good it was recognized in Boston and beyond.  Laura Diamond, 15, and Pema Doma, 18, shared their insights on the unique gifts young people bring to community organizing with 80 of the nation’s top Tax Fairness organizers in June.  Convened by United for a Fair Economy, Laura and Pema energized the attendees by sharing their vision for increasing youth participation in organizing work around the country.

None of this organizing work happens without the support of our amazing staff – and our supporters like you.  A stipend for one of our youth organizers is $150.  Please make a donation if you are able!


  “Share a story of a time you felt powerless…”


With this simple prompt, teen educatorsNakiyah Shelby-BarnesKate Oldshue andSophia Pekowsky supported 30 other young people to share their stories of witnessing injustice and standing up for someone else.We’ve had a busy year educating the next generation of social change leaders – not only sharing our core curriculum around race, class, gender, heterosexism, but also facilitating teens from Arlington to Dorchester, from Lexington to Roxbury to educate each other by sharing their own wisdom and experiences.


A look back at our notes shows that we’ve reached more than 3,500 youth and young adultswith our trainings and workshops this year! The topics ranged from wealth inequality to storytelling for social justice to racial justice to basic organizing skills. Here are some highlights:



  • 220 teen leaders trained in understanding the state budget, progressive revenue and how to run effective legislative meetings
  • 30 Brookline High School students learn about community organizing 101


  • 11th graders from St. John’s Prep School and 30 teens from Israel through the Diller Fellowship explore the basics of class
  • more than 100 teens from across the US with Project IMPACT



  • Lila Bhide helped lead 30 trainings with members of the Summer Leadership Program through our partnership with the (amazing) City School (www.thecityschool.org)
  • Story-telling for Organizers and Educators at World Fellowship



  • 30 Boston middle-schoolers deepen their understanding of race and religion through a collaboration with Citizen Schools

November was particularly busy – we reached 1,118 people directly with educational content, and sold 125 copies of our incredible Racial Justice resource – the Speak Up! Anthology– to educators at various conferences!


December hasn’t slowed down, and we are already booking workshops and trainings in January and beyond. We’re doing great work!  And with your support, we’ll expand our reach even more in 2014!  Materials and prep time for one of our anti-sexism trainings run to nearly $100.  Can you donate $100 this year to see thousands of young people learn about the social systems that they’re increasingly responsible for changing?

What else are we doing?

  • We continue to build incredibly powerful and amazingly diverse community – we are modeling the future we want to seeCome visit us one day and see for yourself!
  • Another fantastic summer program with 25 amazing teens, most of whom are active this fall.
  • growing staff – we’ve just hired another program staff and a part-time office manager!
  • Helping publish a second collection of stories, an incredible educational tool titled Out Of The Blue.
Please, we cannot do this work without your financial support.  And we are doing amazing transformative work. Please give what you’re able as our year comes to a close.  Help us continue to transform the next generation and our state.  And send young people to us if they want to get involved…  Thank you,



Chris Messinger, Elizabeth Nguyen, Asha Carter, Sarah Cadorette, Pema Doma, Basu Gnawali, Jesse and the rest of the Boston Mobilization team, including teen leaders Sophie, Nakiyah, Lukas, Deborah, Ian, Kate, Tenzin, Nangsel, Nick, Chiara, Dene, Andy, Christopher, Laura, Sarah, Fatuma, Clara, Noli, Aimee, Hallie, Imari, Ellie, Sierra, Joy, Ilana, Atarah, Chloe, Bianca, Sophia, Ammarah, Liz, Max, Prapti, Oscar, Alex, Roy, Cris, Michele, and Collin. 


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